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This webpage is being built for a wrestling e-fed. The characters and stories contained within are all fictional. Click the name of the character you'd like to read about from the menu to the left.


Updates!!! Today is 6/13/2010 and the updates are as follows:

Tyler is back!!! Woot woot!! GCWA is about to get rocked. Landon Chase will be making his in-ring debut at the next Friday Night Inferno!!

We Look Like This

That's Tyler, up above, and that's me down below.

Roger Humphrey

Hello, my name is Roger Humphrey. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA with my fiance, Rosalee, and my two year old daughter, Izabell. We are expecting another addition to the family in May, 2010. *Update* He came out a little early, my son was born 4-21-10. I began e-fedding a little more than ten years ago. In that time I have been in numerous e-feds and have met many interesting people. It's those people that have really kept me involved in this hobby. 

I currently have two characters that I write about, Silence and Stonze. Since we lost most of our old material, I plan on writing a summary of the last  ten years so everyone can be caught up on the individual back stories of my characters. 

 *Update* Today I joined GCWA with a new character named Liam Shayde. Currently, this will be the only character in development. All previous links will be removed. 

 If you ever need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so using the e-mail provided below.

Tyler Szarenski

Tyler Szarenski is my brother, my partner in e-fed crime. He is currently stationed in Beaufort, SC where he lives with his wife, Nichole. They are currently expecting their first child set to arrive sometime in July, 2010. His daughter, from a previous relationship, Shelby, will soon be three years old.

Tyler eventually got into e-fedding after I practically begged him to join up. Together we created Styxx and Stonze, the e-fed world's greatest tag team. We have worked together on these characters for nearly ten years and have had much success in tag team divisions. 

Tyler also created a character named Toxen nearly eight years ago. As Toxen, he had a lot of solo success. I'm not sure the current state of Toxen, but a return to the ring is probably inevitable. Currently, he's focusing his writing on Styxx. 

If you ever need to contact him...well, you can try the e-mail listed below, but I can make no promises of him actually replying.